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Today's office landscapes have to meet very high requirements, especially in terms of flexibility, communication and economic efficiency. That is why the trend towards openspace offices or multispace offices in companies has increased markedly. A decisive factor for the acceptance and the ultimately perceived quality of such a room is the acoustics. Good room acoustics make a significant contribution to ensuring that the high demands placed on an efficient and high-performance office landscape can be met.
















The 3 most important quality features of good room acoustics are REFLECTION TIME , DIRECT SOUND and SPEECH UNDERSTANDING . They interact with one another and should not be viewed on their own. This is a coherent system! OASYS (Office Acoustic System) is a system made up of 4 modules that analyze this overall system and consider the room acoustics as a whole with the features mentioned above. With OASYS we offer a tailor-made and modular service package that shows you the best and cheapest options for improving the room acoustics for an optimally functioning open-plan office , from analysis to implementation. This guarantees a lean, efficient and individual solution with a high degree of efficiency without having to give up the advantages of an open-plan office - we guarantee you this!

Schlechte Akustik ist gesundheitsschädigend!
Gute Akustik ist leistungs- und motivationssteigernd!
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