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The OASYS principle


Office without OASYS

So verbreitet sich der Schall in einem Büro ohne OASYS.

Open-plan or multi-person offices are acoustically problematic and harbor many possible sources of interference. Reflections, background noises, outside noise or loud conversations in the room make concentrated work almost difficult or even almost impossible. Employee performance drops by up to 30% and the error rate in cognitive activities increases.

Office with OASYS

So verbreitet sich der Schall im Büro mit OASYS

OASYS improves the room acoustics in the Openspace office as a whole. Reflections in the room are reduced, direct sound is shielded and speech intelligibility is reduced with a masking system, so that communication can be carried out without problems at short distances and the disturbance factor is significantly reduced at longer distances. The advantages of an open and flexible office space are supported and they remain efficient and flexible for the future!

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